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About us

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Who are we?​

With the mission of providing high-quality products and improving the quality of people's lives, BESTEK Group (BESTEK) was established officially in 2007, the predecessor of which was Shenzhen MaoRun Electric Co., Ltd. BESTEK products include automotive accessories, household appliances and electronic products. BESTEK brand has gained a good reputation all over the world. Many BESTEK products were ranked BEST SELLER on Amazon for long time and monthly selling volume over tens of thousands. As a fast developing international Group company, BESTEK has three overseas subsidiaries (US/UK/JP) and six subsidiaries in China mainland.

What have we achieved?
Currently, BESTEK has completed the transition from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a modern Internet group company, and established in-depth cooperation with many world level online/offline platform. BESTEK successfully listed in China mainland on September 11, 2015, and was voted the F2C benchmark enterprise by Shenzhen government. Over the past four years, BESTEK’s turnover increased by 40 times, we are confident that in the next five years, our turnover increase by 50 times. Our target is to be one hundred billion level enterprise.
What will you gain?
At the same time, we sincerely invite outstanding enterprises or teams all over the world to share the entrepreneurial process and successful experiences. We can work together deeply on the product design and business operation, to achieve a win-win situation.

Approach BESTEK, you will have our incredible supports as below:

(1) Product development,

(2) Exclusive license for certain platforms or regions,

(3) Sales rebates,

(4) Advertising sponsorship,

(5) Flexible payment terms,

(6) Joint venture operation and so on.

Dear friends, Power Your Passion!

History of BESTEK


In Sep. of 2015, we will be listed in the National Stock Transfer System and a good timing to issue  shares in public is to be choosed.


In Sep. of 2013, branch office founded in Australia.
In Oct. of 2013, branch office founded in Japan; BESTEK Joint-stock Company founded.
In 2014, BESTEK brand had been registered in over 100 countries covering North America,Europe, Asia and so on; market share and business scale expanded with high speed.
In May of 2015, reform of shares system carried out;changed its name into Guangdong BESTEK E-commerce Co., Ltd. 


In Apr. of 2011, Amazon platform was used; and became the Strategic Seller on Amazon.
In Dec. of 2011, Tongshan County BESTEK Forestry and Animal Husbandry Cor., Ltd founded.
In Jul. of 2012, branch office founded in UK. 


In Feb. of 2011, MAORUN Electric was awarded as National New High-Tech Enterprise.


In Jun. of 2010, branch office founded in USA; warehouses in North America built. 


In Sep. of 2009, Shenzhen BESTEK Electric Cor., Ltd founded.  


In Jun. of 2009, BESTEK GROUP Ltd established in the US;  BESTEK brand registered globally.


In Apr.of 2007, MAORUN Electric headquarters established.